Watchmaking enthusiasts and collectors

Let an expert guide you through the world of time

If you’re a committed collector who loves fine timepieces, we can give you valuable advice on your next acquisitions. With 20 years of experience and backed by a major network, we’ll share our enthusiasm for horology and help you discover niche brands with high potential. With the advice of a horological expert, you will always be confident in making the appropriate decision.

Assessing your horological assets

How can you be sure of the current and future value of a watch collection in a volatile market? You might want to know how much your watches are worth for insurance purposes, to plan a sale or a succession, or simply out of curiosity. We can give you an exact estimate of your horological assets, and make a detailed assessment of their mechanisms to identify and parts that need replacement or repair.

Evaluation of pre-owned watches

The assistance of a watch expert in the market for used watches ensures that you have a good idea of the condition of the object. We evaluate your future acquisition and check that its mechanisms are in perfect working order. You can then make your choice with confidence and equanimity.

Building a collection

An everyday necessity becomes a source of pride and joy in a collection, but it could also be seen as an investment. We can help you create a collection according to a theme of your choice and your budget. Our preferential contact book helps us find rare items or pre-launch special series and puts you in touch with promising niche brands.

Visiting watchmakers

A visit to the workshops of a watch manufacturer is usually reserved to a privileged few. We give you the benefit of our contacts within the brands to take you behind the scenes where you can meet the watchmakers and craftsmen at the centre of creative horology.

Restoring your timepieces

Clocks and watches are “living” art objects that need to be kept in good working order. We carefully examine your timepieces and advise on any maintenance or repairs that are necessary. And if your timepieces need to be refurbished, we monitor the work that has to be done.

Creating a unique piece

A unique piece is the collector’s ultimate objective. Watches can be personalised: choose the metal, the movement or any stylistic or technical features. You then become the protagonist in the creation of your dream watch.

Introductions at watch-industry events

We offer you privileged access to the watch fairs, and take you to visit brands and meet major watch-industry personalities. This gives you exclusive previews of the latest products and allows you to place orders for timepieces before they go on the market.

Analysis of timepieces at auctions

We provide independent appraisals to help you choose at auction. Our appraisals are impartial, objective and detailed, giving you all you need to make informed bidding decisions. We can also recommend price limits.